Collection of Java tools for Swift

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OpenStack Storage, also known as Swift, is a fast-growing and popular cloud-based storage solution originally developed by Rackspace.

New technologies imply new challenges. Javaswift is a collaboration, originally started by Robert Bor and Erik Hooijmeijer and blessed by the Java specialist company 42 to bring the benefits of Swift to the Java community under an Apache open source license.

Currently, Javaswift has two projects:

  • JOSS; Java library on top of the REST-based Swift API
  • Cloudie; Graphical User Interface for viewing and manipulating Swift content


JOSS stands for Java OpenStack Storage. It is a Java library for Java OpenStack Storage, otherwise known as Swift. JOSS allows you to speak natively to the Swift component and offers an intuitive interface for Java developers.

JOSS is written with a strong preference for quality-driven development. It offers various tools to mock Swift, including a full-fledged in-memory storage solution to simulate the actual Swift environment. It is fairly easy to switch between these modes, allowing developers to focus on new functionality instead of integration issues.

Check the JOSS project page if you are interested.


Cloudie is a very handy tool for accessing Swift content using a Graphical User Interface. It allows you to login to a Swift account and browse the content, view its headers. You can change the containers and upload new content. Cloudie has already proved its worth in a commercial project and can best be compared to Windows Explorer for Swift.

Under the hood, Cloudie uses the JOSS library to access Swift. It keeps in sync with the functionality that JOSS offers.

Check the Cloudie project page if you are interested.